Sunday, March 29, 2009

There something about Emily Haines.

Poet's daughter has produced a 2009 album, with her NYC band Metric.
Drum beats followed by her rocker voice .
Its soothing .

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Sia" have taken over me in this lovely evening.

Her music has not fade from me.
From her days of Zero7 till now , her sounds are soothingly amazing.
They always melt my moods , dissipates , dissolves my soul
and its wonderful.
Its like floating ??

I love the movie Watchmen

had to take personal leave on friday just to catch this movie.
Been quiet busy lately doing some rambling nonsensical things.
I didn't want to watch it on the weekends becoz of the weekend crowds.
Kudos to Snyder. He has made this movie AWESOME.
This movie is either you like it or hate it, and i really , really dig it.
To those who don't know Watchmen , i do recommend you watch the
movie first then read the graphic novel.

reading the Watchmen graphic novel wit a cup of coffee in the lazy sunday morning

Its been a great weekend so far.
did grab the mobile broadband plan at the IT/PC fair in town.
yesterday evening .. the red devils got heavily beaten at their home theatre of dreams. 1-4.
which is a one lifetime moments for a hard core koppites .
and in the early sunday morning i manage to catch up on the LNwJimmyFallon shows.
My fav episodes so far r the tina fey , cameron diaz and diggnation guys in them ...
go catch the shows at .